Sunday, May 25, 2008

Housewarming Gift

Thanks Mom & Dad!
I just ordered this table and chairs for my dining room nook. I have been looking for the perfect set and think this will look simply adorable in the space. I am thinking about throwing my own 30th Birthday party at my house in July and am trying to get as much done as I can to make sure I have things in place just in case I decide to ring in the BIG 30 here at the cottage. I can hardly wait to see it in person!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Enchanting - the only word I can use to describe the home (it truly is more of a chateau than it is a home) that belongs to my dear friend Jonathan's friend Yvette. Once or twice a year, Yvette and her husband go to Santa Fe for a few weeks and leave Jonathan to look after their home (and their two very adorable persian cats) in Laguna Beach. I have had the pleasure of going to visit him there twice and both times have been simply awestruck by her home and her decorating. Eclectic, bold, daring, charming, and really simply - enchanting. Although I have never met her personally, I think her taste is just nothing short of amazing. Coastal Living Magazine thought so too and featured her home in one of its issues a few years ago. I had to share this masterpiece in her formal dining room. Isn't it nothing short of incredible?Okay, back to my little cottage - here is a new bench that I bought today. I thought it was too cute to pass up for $20.00 and think it has limitless possibilities. I can just picture it in my walkway at Halloween with a scarecrow on it or at Christmas with some lights strung through its sweet little willow branches. I have a feeling all of the nephews will enjoy it too because it seems it is "just their size." I couldn't resist the fun pillow I bought for it for the summertime. It reminded me of Yvette's style because it is a little splashy and fun.

A close up of the pillow - isn't the litle monkey just priceless?

Hope you are all having a nice Wednesday evening, friends.

Working Hard

At the Orange County Bridal Expo representing Williams-Sonoma.
(That's me on the very far left)

Going Green

Oh what fun it was to unpack my long stowed away collection of green "block optic" depression glass. I used to get to pick a piece out every time my mom and I went antiquing (which was probably every other week or so, as I remember it.) It was most likely a great method to keep me on my best behavior so that she could treasure hunt for salt & peppers or buttons (both of which she collected for many years.) Either way, I am so excited to have a really great grouping of this adorable green pattern. Luckily, I still love the color and think it would be adorable for serving at a tea or an afternoon luncheon. Can't you just picture it?
The nice thing about it is that it is really affordable on EBay. They have quite a few pieces for under $7.00 - far cheaper than I have seen it at the antique mall. Imagine all of the fun accessories I can add to my collection. I even saw a matching martini shaker that I may have to have.
Thank you mom, for the beautiful collection and all of the fond memories of our antiquing days. I know there will be more to come soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Have you ever heard of the word "Boondoggle?" Well, it is one of my favorite new words. My friend Jackie refers to days that are "breaks from the norm" as Boondoggles. Today, for example, was what I would call a Boondoggle. For one reason, because it is a Monday and I almost always work on Monday. Combine the unusual day off with shopping time with my Mom and you, my friends, have a serious Boondoggle.
I finally got to give my mom, aka "Miss Absolutely Impossible to Buy For" her Mother's Day gift. She has a teacup fetish and loves this Royal Doulton pattern called "Old English Roses." It is a little too floral for my taste, but she likes it and that's all that matters. Translation - very easy gift that is sure to please! Hope you liked them, mom!
Now, we just need to get you the rest so you can have your tea party that you keep dreaming about!
So, we wound up in Old Towne Orange, my favorite spot for Antiquing. So much junking, so little time. I almost bought a white adirondack settee but my mom talked me out of it because she thought it was "wobbly."It's a shame too, because it was only $100. I could just see it sitting in my yard with some fun splashy colored pillows. Maybe I will have to look for one "sans wobble."
I didn't leave empty handed though...I found 2 more flags to fly in my front yard this summer. One with a darling beach chair on it and an American Flag to fly on the 4th. It was always a dream of mine to have a flag for every season and I am about half way there. I also found an adorable glass gravy boat ($12.00) and a cute silver pedestal ($12.00). I also treated my mom to two vintage pyrex dishes in a buttery yellow color (for her new pyrex collection.)

We had lunch at Gabbi's, a really highly regarded Mexican restaurant in "The Circle." It is really authentic inside with some amazing decor. (Not to mention delicious salsa!)

Tim had the lobster crepes and I had...(gasp)...a salad. How boring, BUT I have my weigh in tomorrow, and the scales don't lie, right?

I did nibble on a few chips. BUT I didn't order a mojito or a sangria, even though I really, really wanted to. REALLY...REALLY...wanted to.

When was the last time you had a "Boondoggle?" I would highly recommend making time for one this summer. They are a great way to shake up your week.
Hope your week is off to a great start, my friends.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The One

This is it...
The engagement ring setting I fell in love with after months and months of searching. Classic, simple, and elegant. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Something to Celebrate

Today is my four week anniversary with Jenny Craig and I have to say,
this was my best weigh in yet!
I lost a whopping 5.1 pounds this week!!
Bringing my four week total to just under 10 pounds.
Needless to say, I am pumped.
Every four weeks, they do measurements and I am proud to say that I have lost 11 inches - five of which came from my waist. My consultant Karolina cut a cute piece of ribbon 11 inches long for me to commemorate my success. It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it. I have forgiven myself the little slips here and there and stayed on track - and it has paid off. As they say at Jenny "Progress, Not Perfection."

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Six on Sunday

1. I heart Ratatouille. Cutest movie I've seen in a long time. And it's all about France. What's not to love there.

2. Happy Mother's Day! Although I am not an actual mom yet, I celebrate the day with so many people in mind. To me, your mother is the person who you want there in your most desperate hour and in your most joy-filled moment. I know that my mother is always there for those moments with me. I love you mom. I hope you had a fun day today.

3. Oh boy, was it a busy week at work! So many men buying those last minute (and ever so practical) gifts. Pots, pans, toasters, and waffle makers. I'm sure they are being enjoyed as we speak. I had to laugh at the man who purchased rubber cleaning gloves and dish soap for his wife. Enough to make you feel sorry for the poor gal. At least they were pink, right?

4. I know today must be a tough day for Tim's sister Erin. She is still having a difficult time. If only there was something we could do to lift her spirits.

5. I am doing the cutest favors for Ryan's baptism! Photos coming soon.

6. I am planning on adopting a new cat soon. I haven't been able to bring myself to fill Roxy's shoes yet. But Rio needs a pal, stat! And we have a lot of love to share. We are good cat parents.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Going for the gold

Tonight I met this Olympic hopeful, USA Olympic Water Polo Player,
Natalie Golda Actually, I helped her pick out a lovely gift for her mom for Mother's, huh? You wouldn't believe how nice she was and how willing (although it must get tiresome) to talk about the Olympics.
When I got home this evening, I googled her, and it turns out she is quite a celebrity in the Olympic world - noted as one of the best water polo players of our time.
I can't wait to watch her this summer. Good luck Natalie and team! We'll be rooting for you.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The finer things

Thanks to Jen of Cottage Nest, I am having a love affair with this flatware set. There are so many other things that I need more than new flatware, but gosh, aren't they just
PB Maxfield Flatware ($95.00 a setting)
I think the small crown on the spoon sealed the deal. Even with the 40% PB discount I get, I don't know if I can justify the splurge.

What pretty things would you love to have if money was no object?

Baby Brooklyn

What a difficult week for all of us here in Dove Canyon. On Wednesday, we received the incredibly sad news that our niece had passed away from Bilateral Renal Agenesis (Also known as Potter's Syndrome). It seems unreal that this baby who so many loved and wanted will never get to live, even for a few moments.
This tiny little work of God, Brooklyn Rose Jacobs, loved by so many will never be forgotten. For her mommy and daddy, we pray that they will find comfort and peace.
Life is just so very precious and sometimes, so very difficult to understand.